Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shezow : The transgender cartoon superhero

Debuting June 1st on a channel I've never heard of (The HUB) is the Australian cartoon Shezow about an every day guy who uses a ring to transform into a female super hero. Is this another slide in values that will promote aberrant behavior as positive and normal? Will it lead to people marrying animals? I dont think there is anything wrong with kids dressing up as the opposite sex in play or whatever. But if we highlight this behavior are we risking sending minds down a path they otherwise would have passed over?


Anonymous said...

People who are transgendered don't have a choice. It is in their DNA.
They truly believe they are the opposite sex.

Joe said...

Sometimes its biology and sometimes its cultural. People pursue alternative lifestyles sometime just to be different or to shock other people.

Marylee.Meyers said...

There is a groundswell Christian movement against this show and there will be protests right out in front of the Hub channel in LA. This show is immoral and people have to put a stop to it.

Anonymous said...

The notion that transgendered behavior is based in your genes is totally ridiculous.
I guess pedophilia and bestiality are gene based and should be viewed as acceptable behavior.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity and ignorance it's on their DNA. There are NO medical nor scientific reports indicating transgender is on their DNA. If there was any study saying something like that it is a biased report done by a transgender!

Anonymous said...

It's just lack of GOD in their lifes. There is female and male, there is NO third gender.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you!! These perverts want to justify any behavior. HUB channel is going to use this cartoon to start perverting this little minds. P

Anonymous said...

HUB channel seems to be committed to pervert little children minds with a perverted cartoon. How do explaiend a child this cartoon is male but transforms into female? What a sick and twisted mind would aupport this.

Anonymous said...

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