Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NovNewz x2

Florida 17yo denied abortion wins on appeal

I love how the judges rule that the 17yo is too immature to choose to have an abortion but apparently gives no thought to how mature she needs to be to actually raise the child once its born...or were they going to force her carry the baby to term then take it away from her?
Anyhoo more news..

Burger King testing out black buns
Its not so easy to up and move to Canada
Kids swim with -tigers- at Tampa area park
Judge caught beating daughter still a judge
Florida schools dont background check landscapers
Students use pee to generate power
Privatizing government isnt always cheaper
140 murders; just an average night  in Brazil
Cops taze homeowner for fighting house fire
"special" schools handing out felony charges too often
Stacked panel finds no problems with Stand Your Ground law
Uruguay President works for 12k, drive VW bug
Smurfette is dead
Russian floating city is sinking
Visit the body farm!
Florida man twists off 2yo's nipple
Hockey player arrested for dressing like cartoon character
Modern bread is toxic to humans


Anonymous said...

Love the stories. Wide selection.

Anonymous said...

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