Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lincoln Movie Review

I saw the new Lincoln movie was - messianic. A good film..the ending was a bit truncated. You walk out wondering what this Christ guy had on Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis, who I've heard of but never seen in another movie, played on Oscar winning Lincoln who you couldnt help but love. He was the Everyfather; a kindly curmudgeon who wandered around the Statehouse in a blanket telling stories while sipping tea. Lots of other great actors in this film - like James Spader (who didnt impress) David Strathaim (of Sneakers fame) and Tommy lee Jones. I started the movie out saying the Jones was too typecast to play the role he got..but he surprised me. I think we can expect a sequel called "Grant".


timetraveler said...

Interesting...along with Day-Lewis, Jones, and Straitharn, Spader was my favorite in the movie. I thought he was great!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that you saw the movie.

Joe said...

Spader is always great..but his charecter doesnt have a lot of depth..hes just chunky james spayder with a Jones, while still being grumpy like most of tommy lee's charecters, had a unnamable quality to him that was very unique.


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