Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why do billion dollar sports programs need handouts?

The country of Brazil has seen some mass protest of late. The government raised the cost of bus tickets, which poor Brazilians use to get to work, while spending tens of billions of dollars on Stadiums for the the upcoming World Cup and Olympics. There is a running joke in Rio that goes "if your child is sick take them to a stadium". To the working poor, it appeared the Brazillian government was putting the needs of FIFA and foreign tourists above the needs of Brazilian citizens who need schools and hospitals and buses none of which get the sort of funding and handholding these stadiums are.

Here in Jacksonville, we have a very similar scenario going down. The city has pledged 43 million dollars to build "The worlds largest scoreboard" for the Jacksonville Jaguars football stadium. Included in the taxpayer funded renovations is a swimmingpool so people can swim and watch football at the same time. Meanwhile the city is closing a community center and 6 libraries  and limiting park hours and well as shuttering a few fire stations. Many schools outside the affluent parts of town are unfit for human habitation.

Now sports do bring with them an economy of their own. They certainly do inject value into the community as well as giving something for the citizens to unite behind. But these industries make millions and billions of dollars. Why do they need handouts when not for profit services like education and healthcare are totally underfunded. How out of touch do you need to be as a politician to promote welfare programs for billion dollar private businesses?Why doesnt the city build a free swimming pool for my business?


Anonymous said...

Ya and you want us to fix foster care. We need better politicans.
And no we are to old to do it.
you are the next generation.
learn to work with people and get elected. Learn some social skills.
You could have the curisma to get elected with those skills.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more.


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-James Bolivar DiGriz