Friday, February 1, 2013

Febby News Links

Jacksonville starts off February with typical stupidity, by removing the spokesman of public schools for calling her own husband a "redneck". More accurately - because a black employee complained about calling someone a redneck being insensitive towards minorities.

Also Chunk Hagel apparently is still a good choice for leading our military even though refused to give "yes or no" answers to question, such as his policy on Iraq. How is this change from the people Bush appointed>? Why do we let people off not answering the question? Seriously if the answer is so bad we really ought to know about it. Do we want someone who cant openly speak of his own actions as a leader?

Also in the news Washington state is looking to require schools to actually fail kids who fail. Read that again. Why are we letting kids graduate who dont know the material? I say schools who let kids progress who dont know the material are robbing those kids of their right to an education.

Here is some other news"

15yo wins $75000 from Intel's young invetors contest
Star Wars failed billion dollar MMO is adding planet for gay people
Louisiana Sheriff's department is now offering gun training geared at kids
Wa considering letting people off the hook for tickets "they cant afford"
Flashing your headlights is illegal? 
Florida offers 100$ bounty to those who report drunks
Taxpayers paying to outfit visitors to Everglades with "anti Vulture kits"

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